Physiotherapy Journals with high impact factor

The top Physiotherapy Journals are listed below based on their impact factors. According to the latest JCR, the British Journal of Sports Medicine has the highest impact factor i.e. 18.473 in the Physiotherapy category followed by the Journal of Sport and Health Science.

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Top physiotherapy journals with high impact factor

S. No.Journal TitleImpact FactorSJRPublisher
1British Journal of Sports Medicine18.4733.867BMJ Publishing Group
2Sports Medicine6.7663.806Springer Nature
3Journal of Sport and Health ScienceOpen Access13.0771.401Elsevier
4Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews6.6421.609Wolters Kluwer Health
5Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health7.5912.06Taylor & Francis
6International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivityOpen Access8.9152.028Springer Nature
7American Journal of Sports Medicine7.0102.266SAGE
8Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise6.2891.617Wolters Kluwer Health
9Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy4.6381.604Taylor & Francis
10Journal of PhysiotherapyOpen Access10.7141.291Australian Physiotherapy Association
11Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports4.6451.383Wiley-Blackwell
12Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport4.5971.496Elsevier
13Research in Sports Medicine3.6611.126Taylor & Francis
14Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy6.2761.244Movement Science Media
15Sports Medicine – OpenOpen Access6.7661.417Springer Nature
16European Journal of Sport Science3.9801.182Taylor & Francis
17Applied Ergonomics3.9401.131Elsevier
18Sport, Education and Society3.5861.211Taylor & Francis
19Sports Health4.3551.268SAGE
20International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance4.2111.623Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.
21Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation4.0601.024Elsevier
22European Physical Education Review3.6751.115SAGE
23Journal of Sports Sciences3.9431.162Taylor & Francis
24Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research4.4151.474NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association
25European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine5.3131.089Edizioni Minerva Medica
26Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy4.6550.936Wolters Kluwer Health
27Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology2.8570.921APA
28Biology of Sport4.6061.043Instytut Sportu/Institute of Sport
29Journal of Teaching in Physical Education2.6601.145Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.
30Journal of Sports Science and MedicineOpen Access4.0170.951Department of Sports Medicine, Medical Faculty of Uludag University
31Clinical Rehabilitation2.8840.929SAGE
33Ergonomics2.5610.757Taylor & Francis
34Journal of Rehabilitation MedicineOpen Access0.998Medical Journals Sweden AB
35Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine3.4540.948Wolters Kluwer Health
36Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation3.1170.785Wolters Kluwer Health
37Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy4.7620.882Elsevier
38BMJ Open Sport and Exercise MedicineOpen Access0.847BMJ Publishing Group
39Journal of Sport Management3.9541.27Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.
40International Journal of Sports Medicine2.9970.971Thieme
41JMIR Serious GamesOpen Access3.3640.581JMIR Publications Inc.
42Journal of Exercise Science and FitnessOpen Access3.4650.772Elsevier
43Pediatric Exercise Science2.3950.67Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.
44SportsOpen Access0.894Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
45Journal of Athletic Training3.8241.391National Athletic Trainers Association, Inc.
46Science and Medicine in Football3.3311.18Taylor & Francis
47Strength and Conditioning Journal2.4901.038Wolters Kluwer Health
48Sports Biomechanics2.8960.783Taylor & Francis
49Physical Therapy0.881Oxford University Press
50Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology1.8340.495Taylor & Francis
List of Physiotherapy Journals with high impact factor

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