5 ABDC Journals for fast publication

ABDC Journals for fast publication

This blog post aims to provide a list of ABDC journals for fast publication. We visited the official website of ABDC and found five fast-publishing ABDC journals that publish in a few weeks. Moreover, these journals are also indexed in Scopus. ABDC journals can be verified through the official website: https://abdc.edu.au/abdc-journal-quality-list/. Furthermore, the indexing of … Read more

ABDC Journals Quality list pdf download

List of ABDC Journals

I am delighted to announce that the latest ABDC Journals Quality list has been released and the Complete pdf is available on this website to download. The new ABDC Journals list added a few new and relevant journals and excluded predatory and non-relevant journals. Top 100 scientific journals with high-impact factors Business & Management Scopus … Read more