List of nursing journals in United States

Most of the top research journals are published in the United States. In this blog post, we are listing the top Nursing journals that are published in the United States. These US Nursing journals are indexed in Scopus, Web of Science.

List of nursing journals in the United States

The top 100 Nursing journals of United States publishers are listed below. Visit to find the impact factor of these journals.

S. No.JournalSJRH-index
1Diabetes Care6.528 Q1380
2Stroke3.245 Q1330
3Annual Review of Nutrition2.532 Q1166
4Advances in Nutrition2.146 Q1103
5Journal of the American Medical Directors Association2.023 Q1102
6American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1.833 Q1351
7Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS1.691 Q169
8Obesity1.678 Q1209
9Gerontologist, The1.579 Q1146
10Journal of Aging and Social Policy1.569 Q137
11Journals of Gerontology – Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences1.559 Q1159
12Clinical Nutrition1.553 Q1150
13Journal of Pain and Symptom Management1.527 Q1147
14International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism1.459 Q180
15Current Nutrition Reports1.361 Q134
16Nutrition Reviews1.351 Q1160
17JCO Oncology Practice1.269 Q165
18Journal of Cancer Survivorship1.182 Q167
19Hospital pediatrics1.154 Q124
20Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry1.152 Q1139
21Current Opinion in Lipidology1.105 Q1129
22Journal of Nutrition1.092 Q1276
23Journal of Hospital Medicine1.033 Q171
24Women’s Health Issues1.005 Q163
25Appetite0.986 Q1156
26Journal of Applied Gerontology0.961 Q154
27Obesity Surgery0.956 Q1143
28Journal of Palliative Medicine0.954 Q195
29Health Care Management Review0.948 Q159
30Patient0.896 Q137
31Nutrition0.892 Q1150
32Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics0.891 Q2181
33Journal of Aging and Health0.890 Q179
34Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders0.880 Q1102
35Clinical Simulation in Nursing0.865 Q146
36Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities0.863 Q166
37Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care0.861 Q2120
38Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition0.820 Q2105
39Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity0.814 Q272
40Geriatrics and Gerontology International0.814 Q263
41European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing0.806 Q154
42Childhood Obesity0.804 Q243
43Midwifery0.764 Q172
44Annals of K-Theory0.747 Q16
45Journal of School Nursing0.741 Q136
46Journal of Religion and Health0.740 Q146
47Nursing Outlook0.735 Q161
48Clinical Gerontologist0.729 Q235
49Intensive and Critical Care Nursing0.708 Q159
50Symbolic Interaction0.697 Q150
nursing journals in united states
51Nutrition Research0.689 Q297
52Biological Research for Nursing0.687 Q150
53Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing0.685 Q155
54Population Health Management0.685 Q142
55Journal of Fluency Disorders0.682 Q159
56Cancer Nursing0.673 Q179
57Journal of Transcultural Nursing0.657 Q151
58Traumatology0.649 Q140
59Obesity Science and Practice0.647 Q218
60Online Journal of Issues in Nursing0.643 Q145
61Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior0.642 Q285
62Journal of Nursing Education0.636 Q167
63Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care0.636 Q151
64Journal of Communication Disorders0.634 Q170
65Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety0.630 Q182
66Australasian Journal on Ageing0.628 Q139
67Nutrition in Clinical Practice0.625 Q277
68Complementary Therapies in Medicine0.624 Q169
69Nursing Research0.624 Q197
70Journal of Family Nursing0.623 Q147
71Social Work in Health Care0.622 Q145
72Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing0.616 Q152
73European Journal of Oncology Nursing0.612 Q263
74Nursing Forum0.600 Q142
75Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care0.598 Q242
76Research in Nursing and Health0.595 Q190
77Journal of Gerontological Social Work0.587 Q145
78International Journal of Nursing Practice0.583 Q158
79Nutrition and Dietetics0.570 Q233
80Hastings Center Report0.564 Q266
81Nutrition and Cancer0.562 Q2120
82Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing0.560 Q163
83Breastfeeding Medicine0.556 Q152
84Food and Nutrition Bulletin0.554 Q378
85AEM Education and Training0.553 Q115
86Geriatric Nursing0.553 Q245
87Journal of Primary Care and Community Health0.553 Q123
88Journal of Holistic Nursing0.552 Q142
89American Journal of Critical Care0.551 Q183
90Journal of Healthcare Leadership0.543 Q114
91Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health0.540 Q167
92Journal of Nursing Administration0.536 Q285
93Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing0.533 Q126
94Journal of Medicinal Food0.530 Q385
95Seminars in Speech and Language0.530 Q244
96Western Journal of Nursing Research0.528 Q266
97Journal of Correctional Health Care0.527 Q227
98Journal of Child Health Care0.521 Q141
99Journal of Voice0.515 Q294
100Advances in Nursing Science0.513 Q262
nursing journals in united states

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