Medical (Healthcare) journals in USA

This blog post aims to provide a list of Healthcare/ Medical journals published by USA publishers. There are thousands of medical journals in the USA. However, we will be listing the top 100 United States medical journals.

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Top 100 Medical journals In the USA

S. No.TitleSJR & QuartileH- Index
1Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians56.204 Q1182
2MMWR Recommendations and Reports25.045 Q1148
3New England Journal of Medicine24.907 Q11079
4Annual Review of Immunology17.814 Q1309
5Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report16.513 Q1228
6Immunity14.075 Q1417
7Physiological Reviews13.021 Q1358
8World Psychiatry12.991 Q1109
9Science immunology11.962 Q173
10MMWR Surveillance Summaries10.129 Q1104
11Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease10.113 Q1132
12Cancer Cell9.975 Q1359
13Journal of the American College of Cardiology9.756 Q1451
14Journal of Clinical Oncology9.378 Q1574
15Clinical Microbiology Reviews8.964 Q1296
16Annual Review of Public Health8.451 Q1156
17JAMA Cardiology8.324 Q180
18Circulation8.281 Q1630
19Psychological science in the public interest : a journal of the American Psychological Society7.972 Q11
20NCHS data brief7.585 Q184
21JAMA Oncology7.502 Q1127
22Accounts of Chemical Research7.469 Q1415
23Annual Review of Clinical Psychology7.450 Q1124
24Journal of Experimental Medicine7.265 Q1462
25Cell Systems7.048 Q166
26Endocrine Reviews6.860 Q1283
27Diabetes Care6.528 Q1380
28Molecular Systems Biology6.523 Q1156
29Annual Review of Microbiology6.395 Q1199
30JAMA Neurology6.278 Q1243
31Nature Cancer6.186 Q115
32Cancer Discovery6.084 Q1187
33JAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association6.076 Q1709
34Chem6.073 Q1102
35American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine5.950 Q1390
36JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging5.914 Q1132
37JAMA Internal Medicine5.772 Q1358
38Genome Research5.707 Q1305
39Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics5.653 Q1121
40Nature Biomedical Engineering5.635 Q175
41Current Protocols in Bioinformatics5.626 Q162
42JAMA Psychiatry5.590 Q1380
43Vital and health statistics. Series 2, Data evaluation and methods research5.541 Q128
44Journal of Clinical Investigation5.527 Q1505
45MMWR supplements5.527 Q117
46Science Translational Medicine5.500 Q1242
47Hepatology5.235 Q1375
48European Journal of Heart Failure5.231 Q1144
49Annual Review of Medicine5.218 Q1165
50Alzheimer’s and Dementia5.059 Q1135
Medical journals in USA
51American Journal of Human Genetics5.042 Q1310
52Med4.900 Q114
53Journal of Extracellular Vesicles4.878 Q184
54Blood4.834 Q1484
55Journal of Thoracic Oncology4.744 Q1147
56Radiology: Artificial Intelligence4.729 Q15
57Circulation Research4.709 Q1352
58Annals of Internal Medicine4.621 Q1403
59Protein Science4.602 Q1182
60Radiology4.594 Q1307
61Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN4.589 Q1292
62Clinical Psychology Review4.466 Q1226
63American Journal of Psychiatry4.434 Q1366
64Ophthalmology4.412 Q1256
65Clinical Cancer Research4.399 Q1344
66Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews4.191 Q1256
67PLoS Medicine4.180 Q1242
68Kidney International4.063 Q1288
69JAMA network open4.031 Q172
70Health Affairs4.029 Q1190
71Journal of Cell Biology3.978 Q1394
72Annual Review of Phytopathology3.906 Q1167
73Annual Review of Cancer Biology3.881 Q127
74Annals of Neurology3.876 Q1308
75Drug Resistance Updates3.845 Q1119
76Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology3.810 Q1307
77Emerging Infectious Diseases3.670 Q1240
78JCI insight3.640 Q168
79JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions3.595 Q1132
80JAMA Surgery3.569 Q1186
81Annals of Surgery3.532 Q1322
82Developmental Review3.485 Q1100
83Circulation: Heart Failure3.463 Q1115
84Trends in Cancer3.456 Q161
85JAMA Pediatrics3.450 Q1196
86Criminology3.396 Q1147
87Hypertension3.395 Q1276
88Seminars in Immunology3.345 Q1131
89Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN3.265 Q1122
90Stroke3.245 Q1330
91Blood Cancer Journal3.221 Q159
92Annual Review of Physical Chemistry3.171 Q1174
93Journal of Clinical Epidemiology3.108 Q1223
94Pharmacology and Therapeutics3.085 Q1211
95Cancer Research3.075 Q1466
96Molecular Therapy3.064 Q1185
97National Health Statistics Reports3.048 Q176
98Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions3.047 Q1102
99Annual Review of Vision Science3.038 Q130
100Journal of Occupational Health Psychology3.014 Q1130
Medical journals in USA

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