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Are you looking to publish in top impact factor journals? This post aims to provide a list of the best business management journals. The details like journal title, journal ISSN, publisher, and journal impact score are provided.

These best business journals expect researchers to submit quality research papers.

Top 100 scientific journals with high-impact factors

Best business journals with their impact scores

The top business & management journals are listed based on their impact score. Please visit and enter the journal title into the search box to find more details regarding the research journal.

S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherImpact Score
1European Journal of Information Systems0960085X, 14769344Taylor and Francis Ltd.9.97
2Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives25901982Elsevier Ltd.9.75
3Lancet Digital Health, The25897500Elsevier Ltd.9.73
4Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management1741038XEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.9.7
5Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies0968090XElsevier Ltd.9.69
6Research Policy487333Elsevier9.35
7Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management15353958, 15353966John Wiley and Sons Ltd9.25
8Journal of Organizational Behavior10991379, 08943796John Wiley and Sons Ltd9.23
9International Journal of Project Management2637863Elsevier BV9.05
10Leadership Quarterly10489843Elsevier Inc.8.98
11International Journal of Management Reviews14608545, 14682370Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd8.95
12Organizational Research Methods15527425, 10944281SAGE Publications Inc.8.87
13Journal of Service Research10946705, 15527379SAGE Publications Inc.8.84
14Omega3050483Elsevier BV8.7
15Waste Management0956053X, 18792456Elsevier Ltd.8.7
16International Journal of Operations and Production Management17586593, 01443577Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.8.69
17Knowledge-Based Systems9507051Elsevier8.66
18Small Business Economics15730913, 0921898XSpringer Netherlands8.65
19International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management9596119Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.8.65
20Service Industries Journal17439507, 02642069Taylor and Francis Ltd.8.63
21Journal of Environmental Management10958630, 03014797Academic Press Inc.8.63
22Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing10548408, 15407306Routledge8.62
23Water Research X25899147Elsevier Ltd.8.57
24MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems02767783, 21629730Management Information Systems Research Center8.55
25Academy of Management Review3637425Academy of Management8.54
26Journal of Knowledge Management13673270Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.8.54
27Long Range Planning00246301, 18731872Elsevier Ltd.8.53
28Information Sciences200255Elsevier Inc.8.51
29Journal of Management Studies00222380, 14676486Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd8.49
30Tourism Management Perspectives22119736Elsevier USA8.48
31Journal of World Business10909516Elsevier Inc.8.47
32International Business Review9695931Elsevier Ltd.8.44
33Internet of Things (Netherlands)25426605Elsevier BV8.35
34Information Processing and Management18735371, 03064573Elsevier Ltd.8.2
35British Journal of Management10453172, 14678551Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd8.14
36International Small Business Journal2662426SAGE Publications Ltd8.13
37Journal of Product Innovation Management15405885, 07376782Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd8.08
38Landscape and Urban Planning1692046Elsevier8.08
39Resources Policy3014207Elsevier Ltd.8.02
40International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation15698432Elsevier7.97
41Strategic Management Journal10970266, 01432095John Wiley and Sons Ltd7.91
42Transportation Research Part B: Methodological1912615Elsevier Ltd.7.9
43International Journal of Systems Science: Operations and Logistics23302674, 23302682Taylor and Francis Ltd.7.87
44Journal of CO2 Utilization22129820Elsevier BV7.85
45Technology in Society0160791XElsevier Ltd.7.82
46Journal of Financial Economics0304405XElsevier7.8
47Vital and health statistics. Series 2, Data evaluation and methods research00832057, 23330872U.S. National Center for Health Statistics7.8
48Journal of Destination Marketing and Management2212571XElsevier Ltd.7.75
49Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management18395260, 14476770Elsevier BV7.74
50Environmental Technology Reviews21622523, 21622515Taylor and Francis Ltd.7.67
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