(New) Free computer science journals list

Non-Paid Computer Science Journals: There are various research journals in computer science that publish without any publication fee. However, researchers take it hard to find such free non-paid research journals. In this blog post, we are listing free computer science journals.

These free computer science journals are indexed in Scopus and SCIE with impact factors.

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List of Free computer science journals

Minds and Machines

Impact Factor: 3.404
First Decision: 47 days
Acceptance Rate: 18%

Education and Information Technologies

Impact Factor: 2.917
First Decision: 59 days
Acceptance Rate: 25%


Impact Factor: 3.238
First Decision: 62 days
Acceptance Rate: 28%

Neural Computing and Applications

Impact Factor: 5.606
First Decision: 77 days
Acceptance Rate: 26%

International Journal of Data Science and Analytics

Impact Factor:
First Decision: 39 days
Acceptance Rate: 12%

Artificial Intelligence Review

Impact Factor: 8.139
First Decision: 114 days
Acceptance Rate: 18%

KI – K√ľnstliche Intelligenz

Impact Factor:
First Decision: 92 days
Acceptance Rate: 56%

Social Network Analysis and Mining

Impact Factor:
First Decision: 92 days
Acceptance Rate: 32%

The Journal of Supercomputing

Impact Factor: 2.474
First Decision: 87 days
Acceptance Rate: 26%

Cluster Computing

Impact Factor: 1.809
First Decision: 76 days
Acceptance Rate: 15%

Cognitive Systems Research

Impact Factor: 3.523
First Decision: 11 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 9%

Computer Science Review

Impact Factor: 7.872
First Decision: 5 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 14%

Journal of Computational Science

Impact Factor: 3.976
First Decision:
Acceptance Rate:

Computers in Industry

Impact Factor: 7.635
First Decision: 2 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 10%

Information Systems

Impact Factor: 2.309
First Decision: 8 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 14%

Microprocessors and Microsystems

Impact Factor: 1.525
First Decision: 7 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 49%

Computers in Human Behavior

Impact Factor: 6.829
First Decision: 4 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 7%

Theoretical Computer Science

Impact Factor: 0.827
First Decision: 18 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 42%

Information Sciences

Impact Factor: 6.795
First Decision: 6 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 20%

Journal of Computer and System Sciences

Impact Factor:1.023
First Decision: 10 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 11%

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Impact Factor: 3.734
First Decision: 19 weeks
Acceptance Rate: 24%

We hope the free computer science journals list will help you in finding the research journals you were looking for.

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