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Recently, We published a blog post to download the latest DOAJ indexed Journals list 2024. In this blog post, we provide DOAJ indexed Medical journals list.

The Directory of Open-Access Journals is a website that hosts a curated list of open-access journals. Open Access Journals are those journals whose research is available free of cost for everyone to read. So if you publish your research in open-access journals, anyone on the internet can read your manuscript free of charge.

13 Free PubMed-indexed journals

Public Health journals without publication fee

We visited the official website of DOAJ and found that there are a total of 4464 medical journals that publish open access. Out of the total, 2059 research journals publish without any APC. The top 100 DOAJ indexed open access medical journals are listed below.

Total Medical Journals in the DOAJ List4,464 
Non-APC Journals2059
Journals with APC2409
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DOAJ indexed Medical Journals list details

Top 50 DOAJ indexed Medical Journals

The journals are sorted based on the Scopus CiteScore.

S. No.Journal TitleCiteScoreSJRPublisher
1Molecular CancerOpen Access64.98.703Springer Nature
2The Lancet Public HealthOpen Access48.110.591Elsevier
3The Lancet Global HealthOpen Access43.67.37Elsevier
4Annual Review of Plant BiologyOpen Access42.58.131Annual Reviews Inc.
5Journal of Hematology and OncologyOpen Access38.46.046Springer Nature
6The Lancet Digital HealthOpen Access33.16.433Elsevier
7Nucleic Acids ResearchOpen Access32.38.234Oxford University Press
8Signal Transduction and Targeted TherapyOpen Access31.56.63Springer Nature
9Journal of Bioresources and BioproductsOpen Access30.63.549KeAi Communications Co.
10Military Medical ResearchOpen Access30.12.042Springer Nature
11EurosurveillanceOpen Access27.74.145European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
12Genome BiologyOpen Access25.59.249Springer Nature
13Molecular NeurodegenerationOpen Access25.05.158Springer Nature
14Nature CommunicationsOpen Access24.95.116Springer Nature
15Biofuel Research JournalOpen Access24.63.313Green Wave Publishing of Canada
16Journal of Extracellular VesiclesOpen Access23.93.525Wiley-Blackwell
17Journal of Clinical InvestigationOpen Access23.75.117The American Society for Clinical Investigation
18npj Digital MedicineOpen Access23.63.552Springer Nature
19Emerging Microbes and InfectionsOpen Access23.12.815Taylor & Francis
20The Lancet MicrobeOpen Access22.99.419Elsevier
21MicrobiomeOpen Access22.53.709Springer Nature
22The Lancet Planetary HealthOpen Access21.33.586Elsevier
23TheranosticsOpen Access20.92.381Ivyspring International Publisher
24Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer ResearchOpen Access20.72.413Springer Nature
25Cell DiscoveryOpen Access20.04.179Springer Nature
26Cancer CommunicationsOpen Access19.92.677Wiley-Blackwell
27Advanced ScienceOpen Access19.84.086Wiley-Blackwell
28Bioactive MaterialsOpen Access19.72.738KeAi Communications Co.
29Plant Biotechnology JournalOpen Access19.22.776Wiley-Blackwell
30Protein and CellOpen Access19.23.367Oxford University Press
31General PsychiatryOpen Access18.91.495BMJ Publishing Group
32Critical CareOpen Access18.83.577Springer Nature
33Journal of Biomedical ScienceOpen Access18.52.52Springer Nature
34EMBO Molecular MedicineOpen Access18.33.932Wiley-Blackwell
35Redox BiologyOpen Access18.32.519Elsevier
36Genome MedicineOpen Access17.94.851Springer Nature
37Bone ResearchOpen Access17.82.575Springer Nature
38Experimental and Molecular MedicineOpen Access17.83.38Korean Society of Med. Biochemistry and Mol. Biology
39eBioMedicineOpen Access17.72.9Elsevier
40Molecular Systems BiologyOpen Access17.76.22Wiley-Blackwell
41PLoS MedicineOpen Access17.64.223Public Library of Science
42Infectious Disease ModellingOpen Access17.01.383KeAi Communications Co.
43Liver CancerOpen Access16.92.955Karger
44Journal for ImmunoTherapy of CancerOpen Access16.83.403BMJ Publishing Group
45Journal of Pharmaceutical AnalysisOpen Access16.71.242Xi’an Jiaotong University
46Annals of SurgeryOpen Access16.22.951Wolters Kluwer Health
47eClinicalMedicineOpen Access16.04.553Elsevier
48Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and BiotechnologyOpen Access15.90.764Taylor & Francis
49Evolution LettersOpen Access15.93.297Oxford University Press
50Ultrasonics SonochemistryOpen Access15.91.35Elsevier
51Biotechnology for BiofuelsOpen Access15.71.022Springer Nature
52Journal of Sport and Health ScienceOpen Access15.72.041Elsevier
53Emerging Infectious DiseasesOpen Access15.63.05Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
54Molecular Therapy – Nucleic AcidsOpen Access15.61.947Elsevier
55PLoS BiologyOpen Access15.44.005Public Library of Science
56Translational NeurodegenerationOpen Access15.32.571Springer Nature
57Engineered RegenerationOpen Access15.23.25KeAi Communications Co.
58Environmental Health PerspectivesOpen Access15.22.251Public Health Services, US Dept of Health and Human Services
59JAMA network openOpen Access15.14.108American Medical Association
60Aging CellOpen Access15.02.738Wiley-Blackwell
61Cell ReportsOpen Access14.94.574Elsevier
62Biomaterials ResearchOpen Access14.81.796Springer Nature
63International Journal of Infectious DiseasesOpen Access14.82.006Elsevier
64Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and InfectionOpen Access14.61.45Elsevier
65The Lancet Regional Health – EuropeOpen Access14.67.133Elsevier
66Gut MicrobesOpen Access14.42.6Taylor & Francis
67JACC: Basic to Translational ScienceOpen Access14.42.629Elsevier
68JCI insightOpen Access14.43.277The American Society for Clinical Investigation
69Cell Death and DiseaseOpen Access14.32.188Springer Nature
70BMC MedicineOpen Access14.23.447Springer Nature
71Globalization and HealthOpen Access14.22.587Springer Nature
72Infectious Diseases of PovertyOpen Access14.01.692Springer Nature
73International Journal of Biological SciencesOpen Access14.01.75Ivyspring International Publisher
74International Journal of NanomedicineOpen Access14.01.111Dove Medical Press
75Breast Cancer ResearchOpen Access13.82.408Springer Nature
76Cell ProliferationOpen Access13.81.681Wiley-Blackwell
77GigaScienceOpen Access13.73.697Oxford University Press
78Aging and DiseaseOpen Access13.61.682International Society on Aging and Disease
79Annals of Intensive CareOpen Access13.62.616Springer Nature
80Molecular Biology and EvolutionOpen Access13.53.423Oxford University Press
81Blood Cancer JournalOpen Access13.43.699Springer Nature
82PhotoacousticsOpen Access13.42.134Elsevier
83HaematologicaOpen Access13.32.557Ferrata Storti Foundation
84NanobiomedicineOpen Access13.20.88SAGE
85Stem cells translational medicineOpen Access13.11.39Oxford University Press
86Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and MuscleOpen Access13.02.159Wiley-Blackwell
87PulmonologyOpen Access13.01.641Elsevier
88Brain StimulationOpen Access12.92.184Elsevier
89Biotechnology ReportsOpen Access12.80.993Elsevier
90European Respiratory ReviewOpen Access12.82.695European Respiratory Society
91Molecular and Cellular ProteomicsOpen Access12.82.14Elsevier
92Biological ResearchOpen Access12.71.294Springer Nature
93Cell Reports MedicineOpen Access12.75.841Elsevier
94Plant CommunicationsOpen Access12.72.985Elsevier
95International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivityOpen Access12.62.709Springer Nature
96Journal of Innate ImmunityOpen Access12.61.462Karger
97Molecular MetabolismOpen Access12.62.809Elsevier
98Cell StressOpen Access12.51.434Shared Science Publishers OG
99Implementation ScienceOpen Access12.52.861Springer Nature
100OncoImmunologyOpen Access12.52.003Taylor & Francis
List of DOAJ indexed Medical Journals
How do I know if my journal is indexed with DOAJ?

Visit the official website of DOAJ: and enter the journal title to know DOAJ indexing details. Many journals claim false DOAJ indexing. So it is always advised to visit the official website of DOAJ.

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