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In 2023, there are 19,233 journals in the DOAJ. In this blog post, you can download the complete and latest DOAJ Indexed Journals list. The list contains all the required information you require.

The DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) is a website that hosts a curated list of open-access journals. Open Access Journals are those journals whose research is available open free of cost for everyone to read.

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Total Journals in the List19,233
Non-APC Journals13,118
Journals with APC6,115
Total Article Records8,789,763
Countries RepresentedCountries Represented
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Download DOAJ journals list

The format of the downloadable file is .csv. You can open it with Excel or any other editor. The file contains a total of 19,233 open-access journals published by various publishers. Out of these 19,233 open-access journals, 13,118 journals publish without any Article Processing Charge (APC).

Top DOAJ Journals

CiteScore, SNIP, and SJR are the journal metrics that are used used to find the ranking of journals. The top DOAJ (open access) journals are listed below based on CiteScore.

S. No.Journal TitleCiteScoreSNIPSJRPublisher
1Living Reviews in Relativity84.810.43812.365Springer Nature
2Molecular Cancer52.75.1956.896Springer Nature
3The Lancet Global Health41.811.5578.845Elsevier
4The Lancet Public Health39.711.93111.372Elsevier
5Living Reviews in Solar Physics38.58.5516.921Springer Nature
6Annual Review of Plant Biology38.37.189.575Annual Reviews Inc.
7Studies in Mycology33.47.2295.257Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
8Nucleic Acids Research28.05.198.241Oxford University Press
9Journal of Hematology and Oncology27.53.4084.241Springer Nature
10Journal of Extracellular Vesicles27.43.1914.878Wiley-Blackwell
11Light: Science and Applications27.04.6275.497Springer Nature
12Physical Review X26.53.3376.735American Physical Society
15Journal of the American Chemical Society25.22.555.728American Chemical Society
16Microbiome24.53.3964.394Springer Nature
17International journal of oral science24.44.6213.37Springer Nature
18Applied Computing and Informatics24.33.5121.589Emerald Publishing
19Nature Communications23.23.3414.846Springer Nature
20Nano-Micro Letters22.92.3973.946Springer Nature
21Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems22.84.7273.24Springer Nature
22Military Medical Research22.53.7522.277Springer Nature
23Eurosurveillance22.14.6274.417European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
24Limnology And Oceanography Letters22.03.3713.628Wiley-Blackwell
25Molecular Biology and Evolution21.97.4875.341Oxford University Press
27ACS Central Science21.42.5694.093American Chemical Society
28Molecular Neurodegeneration21.12.7024.731Springer Nature
29Advanced Science20.82.2383.984Wiley-Blackwell
30Journal of Clinical Investigation20.82.875.527American Society for Clinical Investigation
31Reviews in Physics20.54.8742.163Elsevier
32The Lancet Digital Health20.56.676.024Elsevier
33The Lancet Planetary Health20.55.7843.389Elsevier
34Bone Research20.43.712.85Springer Nature
35Genome Biology20.13.5189.371Springer Nature
36Optica19.83.1354.164Optica Publishing Group
37Protein and Cell19.42.0232.636Higher Education Press
38National Science Review19.12.9352.842Oxford University Press
39npj Flexible Electronics19.11.9752.899Springer Nature
40Emerging Microbes and Infections19.02.9033.322Taylor & Francis
41Conservation Letters18.72.8932.923Wiley-Blackwell
42Science advances18.53.0394.586American Association for the Advancement of Science
43Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy18.43.9795.157Springer Nature
44The Lancet Microbe18.46.49713.313Elsevier
45Decision Making: Applications in Management and Engineering18.12.7571.852Regional Association for Security and crisis management
46Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research18.12.0452.35Springer Nature
47Biomaterials Research17.83.3342.235Springer Nature
48NPG Asia Materials17.82.0082.587Springer Nature
49Cell Discovery17.32.4244.248Springer Nature
50Environment international17.12.4672.757Elsevier
Top 50 DOAJ journals
How to Know if a journal is indexed in DOAJ?

Visit the official website of DOAJ and enter the journal title to know its details.Check if a journal is indexed in DOAJ

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