Arts and Humanities Scopus indexed journals

List of Scopus indexed arts and humanities journals. Researchers trust Scopus to provide reliable and comprehensive research performance data and analytics. Scopus is Elsevier’sdatabase,n database launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 journals from approximately 11,678 publishers in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and health sciences.

This blog post aims to provide a list of arts and humanities journals indexed in Scopus. We are providing below the top 50 Arts and Humanities journals based on their CiteScore. We also describe below, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, how to download the complete list of Scopus-indexed arts and humanities journals.

Subjects Covered under Arts and Humanities

  • Archeology(artsandhumanities)
  • ArtsandHumanities(miscellaneous)
  • Classics
  • Conservation
  • GeneralArtsandHumanities
  • History
  • HistoryandPhilosophyofScience
  • LanguageandLinguistics
  • LiteratureandLiteraryTheory
  • Museology
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • ReligiousStudies
  • VisualArtsandPerformingArts

Top 50 Scopus indexed journals in Arts and Humanities

Below we have listed the top 50 Scopus indexed arts and humanities journals. Many of these research journals are also indexed on the Web of Science. To check the indexing of research journals, visit

S. No.JournalCiteScoreSNIP
1Administrative Science Quarterly15.35.389Cornell University Press
2Computers in Human Behavior13.83.151Elsevier
3Journal of Consumer Research11.83.985Oxford University Press
4Decision Support Systems10.52.582Elsevier
5Artificial Intelligence Review10.43.824Springer Nature
6Communication Research9.42.362SAGE
7Neural Computation9.42.827MIT Press
8Journal of Communication9.23.74Wiley-Blackwell
9Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences9.11.787Wiley-Blackwell
10Journal of Peasant Studies9.13.541Taylor & Francis
11Journal of Business Ethics9.02.534Springer Nature
12Behavior Research Methods8.93.075Springer Nature
13Applied Linguistics8.34.369Oxford University Press
14Artificial Intelligence8.33.172Elsevier
15Emotion Review8.22.162SAGE
16Psychonomic Bulletin and ReviewOpen Access8.12.151Springer Nature
17Communication Monographs7.73.947Taylor & Francis
18Journal of Memory and Language7.72.279Elsevier
19Evolution and Human Behavior7.31.757Elsevier
20Modern Language Journal7.32.884Wiley-Blackwell
21Human Relations7.12.992SAGE
22Political Psychology7.12.399Wiley-Blackwell
23Computational LinguisticsOpen Access6.92.986MIT Press
24Journal of Sex Research6.82.197Taylor & Francis
25Quaternary Science Reviews6.81.582Elsevier
26Science Education6.82.569Wiley-Blackwell
27Current Anthropology6.72.311University of Chicago Press
28Social Studies of Science6.62.678SAGE
29Computer Assisted Language Learning6.52.163Taylor & Francis
30Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts6.52.657APA
31Language Learning6.42.941Wiley-Blackwell
32Philosophy and Technology6.32.698Springer Nature
33International Journal of Social Robotics6.22.222Springer Nature
34Journal of Archaeological Research6.12.969Springer Nature
35Social Science and Medicine6.12.331Elsevier
36Language Teaching Research6.01.869SAGE
37Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory5.91.866Springer Nature
38Language Teaching5.93.092Cambridge University Press
39Design ScienceOpen Access5.81.565Cambridge University Press
40Design Studies5.82.575Elsevier
41European Journal of Communication5.82.489SAGE
42Annual Review of Anthropology5.73.94Annual Reviews Inc.
43European Psychologist5.71.707Hogrefe Publishing
44Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies5.72.562Taylor & Francis
45Studies in Second Language Acquisition5.72.186Cambridge University Press
46Archives of Sexual Behavior5.61.435Springer Nature
48Language Learning and Technology5.62.149University of Hawaii Press
50Journal of Phonetics5.52.16Elsevier
Arts and Humanities Scopus indexed journals list

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check Scopus indexed journals?

Go to the official website of Scopus and enter a journal-title to check its indexing and other details.check Scopus indexed journals

How do you get the complete list of Arts and Humanities Scopus-indexed journals?

Visit Scopus’ official website. Choose a subject area and a value for the subject area from the drop-down boxes and finally click on the apply button. For example, I have selected the chemistry subject to get the complete list of Scopus indexed journals in this subject.
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