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List of Scopus-indexed Agricultural and Biological Sciences journals. Scopus is Elsevier’s citation database, launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 journals from approximately 11,678 publishers in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and health sciences.

This blog post aims to provide a list of agricultural and biological sciences journals indexed in Scopus. We are providing below the top 50 Agricultural and Biological Sciences journals based on their CiteScore. We also describe below, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, how to download the complete list of Scopus indexed Agricultural and Biological Sciences journals.

Sub-Subjects Covered

  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous)
  • Agronomy and Crop Science
  • Animal Science and Zoology
  • Aquatic Science
  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
  • Food Science
  • Forestry
  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
  • Horticulture
  • Insect Science
  • Plant Science
  • Soil Science

Top 50 Scopus indexed journals in Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Below we have listed the top 50 Scopus indexed Agricultural and Biological Sciences journals. Many of these research journals are also indexed on the Web of Science. To check the indexing of research journals, visit

S. No.Journal TitleCiteScoreSNIPPublisher
1Annual Review of Plant BiologyOpen Access36.16.985Annual Reviews Inc.
2Fungal Diversity30.75.797Springer Nature
3Annual Review of Entomology29.27.091Annual Reviews Inc.
4Trends in Plant Science25.34.499Elsevier
5Studies in MycologyOpen Access24.96.525Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
6Annual Review of Phytopathology24.44.738Annual Reviews Inc.
7Biological Reviews22.44.112Wiley-Blackwell
8Trends in Ecology and Evolution22.34.319Elsevier
9Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics22.25.183Annual Reviews Inc.
10Physics of Life Reviews21.53.08Elsevier
11Nature Ecology and Evolution21.13.554Springer Nature
12Annual review of food science and technology20.73.091Annual Reviews Inc.
13Molecular Biology and Evolution19.86.316Oxford University Press
14Nature Plants19.23.592Springer Nature
15Systematic Biology18.94.445Oxford University Press
16Ecology Letters17.94.231Wiley-Blackwell
17Conservation LettersOpen Access17.72.776Wiley-Blackwell
18Remote Sensing of Environment17.63.345Elsevier
19ISME Journal17.32.426Springer Nature
20Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition17.23.144Taylor & Francis
21Trends in Food Science and Technology16.73.701Elsevier
22Genome BiologyOpen Access16.52.682Springer Nature
23Molecular Plant16.53.134Elsevier
24Persoonia: Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi15.94.015National Herbarium Nederland/Leiden Branch
25Plant Cell15.92.653American Society of Plant Biologists
26Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety15.84.292Wiley-Blackwell
27Nature Sustainability15.84.912Springer Nature
28Current Opinion in Plant Biology15.62.071Elsevier
29Molecular Systems BiologyOpen Access15.62.323Wiley-Blackwell
30Plant Biotechnology JournalOpen Access14.92.545Wiley-Blackwell
31Ecological Monographs14.83.039Wiley-Blackwell
32Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment14.62.877Wiley-Blackwell
33New Phytologist14.22.413Wiley-Blackwell
34Plant Physiology12.62.177American Society of Plant Biologists
35Annual Review of Animal Biosciences12.42.997Annual Reviews Inc.
36Current Biology12.42.504Elsevier
37Food Hydrocolloids12.22.188Elsevier
38Advances in Nutrition12.02.632American Society for Nutrition
39Fish and Fisheries12.02.853Wiley-Blackwell
40Food Chemistry11.92.235Elsevier
41Methods in Ecology and Evolution11.72.489Wiley-Blackwell
42Plant, Cell and Environment11.71.968Wiley-Blackwell
43Molecular Ecology Resources11.62.066Wiley-Blackwell
44Journal of Food and Drug AnalysisOpen Access11.42.357Elsevier
45BioScience11.32.912Oxford University Press
46EcographyOpen Access11.32.088Wiley-Blackwell
47Ecosystem Services11.21.984Elsevier
48Plant Journal11.01.913Wiley-Blackwell
49PLoS BiologyOpen Access11.02.005Public Library of Science
50Soil Biology and Biochemistry11.02.025Elsevier

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check Scopus indexed journals?

Go to the official website of Scopus and enter a journal-title to check its indexing and other details.check Scopus indexed journals

How to get the complete list of Agricultural and Biological Sciences Scopus-indexed journals?

Visit Scopus’ official website. Choose a subject area and a value for the subject area from the drop-down boxes and finally click on the apply button. For example, I have selected the chemistry subject to get the complete list of Scopus indexed journals in this subject.
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  1. Send me the list of the journal of agriculture agronomy and plant breeding genetics
    Free publication
    Early publish
    Good impact factor

    • Refer the following listed journals:
      Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering
      Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences
      Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control
      All these listed journals are Scopus indexed and publish without any publication fees.


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