Social Science Citation Index journals list

Social Science Index journals

Download the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) journals list directly from the official website of Clarivate. In this blog post, we will provide researchers with the link to download the SSCI journals. Moreover, the top 50 SSCI (Social Science Citation Journals) are also listed. Also, check the SSCI Education journals list Download Social Science Citation … Read more

Free and Fast publication journals with impact factor

free and fast publication journals

Researchers can publish their research for free in the SCI journals on fast-track mode. There are various free and fast publication journals (Scopus as well as SCI) that provide a quick publication facility. More related journals: List of Free and Fast publication journals We have provided below the details of fast-publishing SCI Scopus journals that … Read more

List of SCI journals in Robotics

SCI journals in Robotics

Are you looking to submit your research to the SCI-indexed robotics journals? This blog post aims to provide a list of SCI-indexed journals that publish articles in the area of robotics and machine learning. SCI is a multidisciplinary citation index. Science Citation Index covers 9,000+ journals across 177 scientific disciplines. In this blog post, we will … Read more

SCI journals list pdf

Download the Web of Science/ SCI journals/ Thomson Reuters journal list in pdf or XLS format. About Web of Science/ SCI/ Thomson Reuters: According to the sources, the Web of Science (SCI) was originally produced by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). It is currently owned by Clarivate (previously the Intellectual Property and Science business of … Read more

Top multidisciplinary SCI journals

multidisciplinary SCI journals

This blog post aims to provide the latest list of top multidisciplinary research journals indexed in SCI and Scopus. The top multidisciplinary journals are sorted below according to their journal impact factors. A total of the top 13 multidisciplinary SCI journals are listed below. Scopus indexed multidisciplinary journals Top 13 Multidisciplinary SCI Journals 1 Nature … Read more

Library & information science journals list: SCI, Scopus

Library & Information Sciences journals list: This blog post aims at providing the list of library Sciences journals. We have provided the Library Information Sciences journals that are indexed in SCI and Scopus as well. List of Library Information Sciences journals indexed in SCI GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE MEMORY AND COMMUNICATION 2514-9342 EMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTD IBERSID-REVISTA … Read more