Spanish academic journals to read & publish articles

If you are looking for a Spanish-language academic journal list, then you are at the appropriate place. This blog post aims to provide a list of Spanish academic journals to read and publish research articles.

We have listed below Spanish research journals that publish articles in the Spanish language. The list of Spanish academic journals will also help you find Spanish scholarly articles.

List of Spanish academic journals

There are more than 500 Spanish academic journals indexed on the Web of Science. We are listing the top 100 Spanish research journals.

S. No.JournalSJR/ QuartileH-index
1European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Contextjournal2.021 Q121
2International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychologyjournal1.578 Q142
3Revista Matematica Iberoamericanajournal1.569 Q152
4Review of Communication Researchjournal1.433 Q14
5Psicothemajournal1.308 Q164
6Comunicarjournal1.217 Q140
7Psychosocial Interventionjournal1.159 Q121
8European Research on Management and Business Economicsjournal1.024 Q118
9Publicacions Matematiquesjournal0.990 Q127
10Adiccionesjournal0.953 Q230
11Revista de Psicodidacticajournal0.881 Q127
12Trabajos de Prehistoriajournal0.852 Q120
13Journal of Optometryjournal0.844 Q225
14International Journal of Developmental Biologyjournal0.837 Q2103
15Pulmonologyjournal0.826 Q222
16Journal of New Approaches in Educational Researchjournal0.822 Q111
17Revista de Investigacion Educativajournal0.787 Q116
18Revista de Psiquiatria y Salud Mentaljournal0.752 Q222
19Educacion XX1journal0.751 Q119
20Profesional de la Informacionjournal0.698 Q128
21Revista Iberoamericana de Psicologia y Saludjournal0.686 Q211
22Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunologyjournal0.657 Q361
23CIRIEC-Espana Revista de Economia Publica, Social y Cooperativajournal0.656 Q18
24Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral y Cirugia Bucaljournal0.644 Q256
25Revista de Educacionjournal0.643 Q227
26Applied General Topologyjournal0.638 Q213
27Histology and Histopathologyjournal0.628 Q293
28Pharmacy Practicejournal0.608 Q124
29AIDS Reviewsjournal0.605 Q255
30Neurologiajournal0.595 Q236
31Anales de Psicologiajournal0.578 Q231
32International Microbiologyjournal0.578 Q365
33Porta Linguarumjournal0.554 Q113
34Revista Catalana de Dret Publicjournal0.545 Q14
35Materiales de Construccionjournal0.539 Q230
36Cuadernos de Investigacion Geograficajournal0.537 Q220
37Revista Latina de Comunicacion Socialjournal0.537 Q216
38Geologica Actajournal0.523 Q245
39REVESCO Revista de Estudios Cooperativosjournal0.510 Q211
40Scientia Marinajournal0.510 Q268
41Pixel-Bit, Revista de Medios y Educacionjournal0.504 Q26
42REICE. Revista Iberoamericana Sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educacionjournal0.501 Q16
43Revista Espanola de Orientacion y Psicopedagogiajournal0.499 Q211
44Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structuresjournal0.498 Q223
45Ensenanza de las Cienciasjournal0.495 Q215
46Emergenciasjournal0.485 Q227
47International Journal of Educational Psychologyjournal0.484 Q26
48Allergologia et Immunopathologiajournal0.483 Q337
49Revista de Psicologia del Trabajo y de las Organizacionesjournal0.478 Q217
50Revista Complutense de Educacionjournal0.466 Q214
Spanish academic journals
51Boletin de la Sociedad Espanola de Ceramica y Vidriojournal0.462 Q224
52Forest Systemsjournal0.455 Q225
53Revista Espanola de Cardiologiajournal0.455 Q366
54Virtual Archaeology Reviewjournal0.450 Q110
55RELIEVE – Revista Electronica de Investigacion y Evaluacion Educativajournal0.448 Q218
56Gaceta Sanitariajournal0.444 Q342
57Anuario de Psicologia Juridicajournal0.440 Q19
58Revista Argentina de Microbiologiajournal0.432 Q326
59Revista Espanola de Quimioterapiajournal0.430 Q325
60Drugs of Todayjournal0.418 Q352
61Actas Espanolas de Psiquiatriajournal0.417 Q331
62Empiriajournal0.414 Q27
63Ardeolajournal0.409 Q226
64Enfermedades Infecciosas y Microbiologia Clinicajournal0.409 Q342
65Revista de Psicologia del Deportejournal0.405 Q327
66International Journal of English Studiesjournal0.402 Q18
67World Rabbit Sciencejournal0.396 Q323
68Animal Biodiversity and Conservationjournal0.390 Q334
69Journal of Industrial Engineering and Managementjournal0.385 Q229
70Revista Iberoamericana de Micologiajournal0.385 Q343
71Grasas y Aceitesjournal0.384 Q346
72Revista Espanola de Pedagogiajournal0.382 Q314
73Arqueologia de la Arquitecturajournal0.381 Q17
74Psicologia Educativajournal0.381 Q314
75Aula Abiertajournal0.376 Q39
76Limneticajournal0.376 Q332
77Boletin de la Asociacion de Geografos Espanolesjournal0.374 Q219
78Papeles del Psicologojournal0.374 Q321
79Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRTjournal0.371 Q35
80Revista Espanola de Documentacion Cientificajournal0.369 Q219
81Actas Urologicas Espanolasjournal0.358 Q325
82SORTjournal0.355 Q320
83Ibericajournal0.347 Q120
84Investigaciones de Historia Economicajournal0.345 Q110
85Ansiedad y Estresjournal0.342 Q312
86Profesoradojournal0.341 Q314
87Revista Eurekajournal0.339 Q39
88SHILAP Revista de lepidopterologiajournal0.338 Q312
89PNAjournal0.337 Q33
90Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia y Reanimacionjournal0.337 Q322
91Spanish Journal of Agricultural Researchjournal0.337 Q336
92Medicina Intensivajournal0.336 Q328
93Revista de Educacion a Distanciajournal0.336 Q35
94Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Fisica y del Deportejournal0.335 Q318
95Complutumjournal0.334 Q17
96Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivasjournal0.331 Q338
97Journal of Human Sport and Exercisejournal0.328 Q325
98Revista Espanola de Derecho Constitucionaljournal0.328 Q26
99Arte, Individuo y Sociedadjournal0.325 Q17
100Historia y Politicajournal0.319 Q17
Spanish academic journals

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