Scopus journals with high impact factor

Scopus journals are considered reputed journals worldwide. This blog post (Scopus journals with high impact factor) aims to provide a list of top Scopus journals which have high impact factors.

List of Scopus journals with high impact factor

S. No.TitlePublisherImpact Factor
1Ca-A Cancer Journal for CliniciansWiley-Blackwell508.702
2Nature Reviews MaterialsSpringer Nature66.308
3Nature Reviews Molecular Cell BiologySpringer Nature94.44 
4Chemical ReviewsAmerican Chemical Society60.622
5The LancetElsevier79.321
6Reviews of Modern PhysicsAmerican Physical Society54.494
7New England Journal of MedicineMassachusetts Medical Society91.245
8Nature Reviews CancerSpringer Nature60.716
9Chemical Society ReviewsRoyal Society of Chemistry54.564
10Nature EnergySpringer Nature60.858
11Living Reviews in RelativityOpen AccessSpringer Nature40.429
13Nature MedicineSpringer Nature53.44
14Nature Reviews GeneticsSpringer Nature53.242
15IEEE Communications Surveys and TutorialsIEEE25.249
16Progress in Materials ScienceElsevier39.58
17Nature NanotechnologySpringer Nature39.213
18Nature PhotonicsSpringer Nature38.771
19NatureSpringer Nature49.962
20Nature MaterialsSpringer Nature43.841
21Progress in Energy and Combustion ScienceElsevier29.39 
22Nature Reviews ImmunologySpringer Nature53.106
23MMWR Surveillance SummariesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)58.769
24Nature Reviews ChemistrySpringer Nature34.035
25The Lancet OncologyElsevier41·316
26World PsychiatryWiley-Blackwell49.548
27Energy and Environmental ScienceRoyal Society of Chemistry38.53 
28MMWR Recommendations and ReportsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)55.857
29Nature Reviews Clinical OncologySpringer Nature66.675
30Nature GeneticsSpringer Nature38.33
31Annual Review of BiochemistryAnnual Reviews Inc.23.643
32Annual Review of Astronomy and AstrophysicsAnnual Reviews Inc.30.065
33Physiological ReviewsAmerican Physiological Society37.312
34Nature Reviews Drug DiscoverySpringer Nature84.694
35National Vital Statistics ReportsUS Department of Health and Human Services
36Foundations and Trends in Signal ProcessingNow Publishers Inc.
37ScienceAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science47.728
38Physics ReportsElsevier25.6 
39Nature Reviews Disease PrimersSpringer Nature52.329
40Advanced MaterialsWiley-Blackwell30.849
41The Lancet NeurologyElsevier44·182
42IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine IntelligenceIEEE16.39 
43The Lancet Respiratory MedicineElsevier30·700
44The Lancet Diabetes and EndocrinologyElsevier32·069
45Progress in Polymer ScienceElsevier29.19
46Materials Science and Engineering: R: ReportsElsevier36.21 
47Nature Reviews EndocrinologySpringer Nature43.33
48Advanced Energy MaterialsWiley-Blackwell29.368
49Psychological Science in the Public Interest, SupplementSAGE
50Nature Reviews MicrobiologySpringer Nature60.633
51Cancer CellElsevier31.743
52Clinical Microbiology ReviewsAmerican Society for Microbiology26.132
53Psychological BulletinAPA17.737
55Annual Review of ImmunologyAnnual Reviews Inc.28.527
56Foundations and Trends in Machine LearningNow Publishers Inc.
58JAMA OncologyAmerican Medical Association31.777
59Reports on Progress in PhysicsInstitute of Physics Publishing17.264
60Cell MetabolismElsevier27.287
61Nature BiotechnologySpringer Nature54.908
62Annual Review of Fluid MechanicsAnnual Reviews Inc.18.511
63Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
64Nature ChemistrySpringer Nature24.427
65Annual Review of PhysiologyAnnual Reviews Inc.19.318
66Journal of Clinical OncologyAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology44.544
67Annual Review of PsychologyAnnual Reviews Inc.24.137
68Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and HepatologySpringer Nature46.8 
69Reviews of GeophysicsWiley-Blackwell22
70The Lancet Infectious DiseasesElsevier25·071
71Accounts of Chemical ResearchAmerican Chemical Society22.384
72Annual Review of Plant BiologyOpen AccessAnnual Reviews Inc.26.379
73Nature CatalysisSpringer Nature41.813
74Nature PhysicsSpringer Nature20.034
75GutBMJ Publishing Group23.059
76Nature NeuroscienceSpringer Nature24.884
77European UrologyElsevier20.096
78Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionIEEE
79Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of DiseaseAnnual Reviews Inc.23.47 
80Molecular CancerOpen AccessSpringer Nature27.401
81Nature MethodsSpringer Nature28.547
82Journal of HepatologyElsevier25.083
83Annals of OncologyElsevier32.976
84Nature Reviews NeuroscienceSpringer Nature34.87
85Journal of the American College of CardiologyElsevier24.09 
86The Lancet Global HealthOpen AccessElsevier26·763
87CirculationWolters Kluwer Health29.69
88Nature Cell BiologySpringer Nature28.824
89Materials TodayElsevier31.041
90Astronomy and Astrophysics ReviewSpringer Nature25.357
91Nature Climate ChangeSpringer Nature25.29
92Pharmacological ReviewsAmerican Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics25.468
93Living Reviews in Solar PhysicsOpen AccessSpringer Nature17.417
94ACS Energy LettersAmerican Chemical Society23.101
95Advances in Optics and PhotonicsThe Optical Society20.107
96Fungal DiversitySpringer Nature20.372
97Renewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsElsevier14.98 
98Annual Review of Marine ScienceAnnual Reviews Inc.13.85
99Cell Stem CellElsevier24.633
100International Materials ReviewsTaylor & Francis19.559
Scopus journals with high impact factor

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