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A list of Scopus indexed economics journals. Researchers trust Scopus to provide reliable and comprehensive research performance data and analytics. Scopus covers nearly 36,377 journals from approximately 11,678 publishers in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and health sciences.

This blog post aims to provide a list of economics journals indexed in Scopus. We are providing below the top 50 economics journals based on their CiteScore. We also describe below, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, how to download the complete list of Scopus-indexed economics journals.

Top 50 Scopus indexed journals in economics

Below, we have listed the top 50 Scopus indexed economics journals. Many of these research journals are also indexed on the Web of Science. To check the indexing of research journals, visit

S. No.Journal TitleCiteScoreSNIPPublisher
1Journal of Management21.45.756SAGE
2Quarterly Journal of Economics21.311.562Oxford University Press
3Journal of Economic Perspectives18.69.682American Economic Association
4Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice17.74.836Wiley-Blackwell
5Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science17.04.963Springer Nature
6Brookings Papers on Economic Activity15.67.669Brookings Institution Press
7Resources, Conservation and Recycling14.72.593Elsevier
8Review of Environmental Economics and Policy14.33.058University of Chicago Press
9Journal of International Business Studies14.24.02Springer Nature
10Journal of Economic Literature13.87.772American Economic Association
11Journal of Supply Chain Management12.93.053Wiley-Blackwell
12International Journal of Production Economics12.22.792Elsevier
13American Economic Review12.16.356American Economic Association
14Journal of Consumer Research11.83.985Oxford University Press
15American Economic Journal: Applied Economics11.65.111American Economic Association
16MIS Quarterly Executive11.63.411Indiana University Press
17Long Range Planning11.53.072Elsevier
18Journal of Innovation and KnowledgeOpen Access11.34.146Elsevier
19Journal of Finance11.26.925Wiley-Blackwell
20Economic Policy10.94.891Oxford University Press
21Journal of Political Economy10.97.702University of Chicago Press
22Journal of World Business10.82.801Elsevier
23Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists10.52.617University of Chicago Press
24Economic Geography10.23.779Taylor & Francis
25Foundations and Trends in Finance10.211.522Now Publishers Inc.
26Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal10.23.242Wiley-Blackwell
27Energy Economics10.02.238Elsevier
28Family Business Review9.73.379SAGE
29Journal of Financial Economics9.65.656Elsevier
30Journal of Marketing Research9.63.039American Marketing Association
31American Economic Journal: Economic Policy9.33.472American Economic Association
32Review of Financial Studies9.25.065Oxford University Press
33Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society9.13.4Oxford University Press
34Ecological Economics9.11.92Elsevier
35Journal of Business Ethics9.02.534Springer Nature
36International Business Review8.92.35Elsevier
37Small Business Economics8.82.704Springer Nature
38Internet Research8.51.958Emerald
39World Development8.43.097Elsevier
40European Research on Management and Business EconomicsOpen Access8.33.259European Academy of Management and Business Economics
41Review of Economics and Statistics8.34.949MIT Press
43Oxford Review of Economic Policy7.92.403Oxford University Press
44Journal of Environmental Economics and Management7.82.249Elsevier
45Review of Economic Studies7.84.709Oxford University Press
46Food Policy7.72.401Elsevier
47American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics7.54.107American Economic Association
48Electronic Markets7.41.986Springer Nature
49Journal of Accounting and Economics7.43.553Elsevier
50Journal of Accounting Research7.13.565Wiley-Blackwell
The Scopus economics journal list

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check Scopus indexed journals?

Go to the official website of Scopus and enter a journal-title to check its indexing and other details.check Scopus indexed journals

How to get the complete list of economics Scopus indexed journals?

Visit Scopus’ official website. Choose a subject area and a value for the subject area from the drop-down boxes and finally click on the apply button. For example, I have selected the economics subject to get the complete list of Scopus indexed journals in this subject.
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