Paid SCI indexed journals in Mathematics

This blog post aims to provide a list of paid mathematics journals indexed in the Web of Science. We have listed below 50 paid SCI mathematics journals. These journals are Q1 and Q2 quartile and charge APC to make the research open access.

Web of Science (SCI) math journal list

Scopus indexed mathematics journals 204

Mathematics High impact factor journals

List of paid SCI mathematics journals

S. No.Journal TitleSJR, QuartileH-Index
1Molecular Systems Biology6.523 Q1156
2Forum of Mathematics, Pi3.389 Q118
3npj Computational Materials2.967 Q149
4Journal of the European Mathematical Society2.909 Q154
5Journal of Statistical Software2.852 Q1155
6NPG Asia Materials2.587 Q188
7Geoscientific Model Development2.529 Q1102
8Scientific data2.468 Q180
9Journal of Machine Learning Research2.393 Q1221
10Advances in Nonlinear Analysis2.368 Q130
11Infectious Disease Modelling2.318 Q124
12Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics2.246 Q156
13mSystems2.144 Q154
14Probability Surveys2.010 Q141
15PLoS Computational Biology1.960 Q1191
16Algebraic Geometry1.934 Q116
17Journal de l’Ecole Polytechnique – Mathematiques1.914 Q112
18R Journal1.892 Q146
19Mathematics of Operations Research1.804 Q181
20Network Neuroscience1.713 Q122
21Electronic Journal of Statistics1.501 Q150
22npj Systems Biology and Applications1.390 Q125
23Electronic Journal of Probability1.301 Q146
24BMC Bioinformatics1.246 Q1218
25Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics1.239 Q140
26Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research1.221 Q122
27ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis1.216 Q172
28IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology1.212 Q113
29Journal of Choice Modelling1.211 Q130
30Forum of Mathematics, Sigma1.096 Q118
31Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences1.092 Q119
32Documenta Mathematica1.074 Q129
33EPJ Data Science1.071 Q134
34Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society1.058 Q162
35Statistical Papers1.058 Q139
36Bioinformatics and Biology Insights1.046 Q126
37Publicacions Matematiques1.046 Q126
38Journal of Computational Design and Engineering1.034 Q129
39Statistics Surveys1.034 Q124
40IET Control Theory and Applications0.984 Q1113
41Journal of Causal Inference0.975 Q27
42Theory of Computing0.970 Q219
43Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks0.965 Q129
44Electronic Communications in Probability0.929 Q235
45Journal of Spectral Theory0.898 Q116
46Epijournal de Geometrie Algebrique0.890 Q15
47Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience0.863 Q161
48European Journal of Remote Sensin0.838 Q236
49CPT: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology0.814 Q143
50Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics0.807 Q125
paid SCI-indexed journals in mathematics

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