Encouraging active participation in feedback through assessment as learning: A dialogic interaction between writer and reader.

Claire Louise Rodway


Sustainable feedback practices that can feed forward require our students to be active participants in, and users of, the feedback we provide. Self-reflection and assessment are critical elements of this process. Existing practitioner research studies have exemplified the benefit of interactive cover sheets in facilitating dialogic collaborative feedback that encourages self-evaluation. This teaching article presents an extension to the use of such cover sheets to include student self-assessment and reflection in regards to specific marking criteria as part of an existing feedback process on a first year undergraduate course. In addition to encouraging self-evaluation and collaboration in the feedback cycle, observations from the practitioner research presented here also highlight how the use of this tool encouraged student writer awareness of the writer-reader relationship and the importance of this in their writing. 


assessment as learning; self-evaluation; collaborative feedback; writer-reader relationship

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